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Unit code Unit title Price
RIISAM202D Isolate and Access Plant $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICOM302D Communicate Workplace Information $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICCM210D Install Trench Support $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO324F Conduct Civil Construction Grader Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIISAM201D Handle Resources and Infrastructure Materials and Safely Dispose of Nontoxic Materials $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO206D Conduct Bulk Water Truck Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICRC208D Lay Pipes $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICRC306D Conduct Earthworks $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIWHS401D Supervise Work in Confined Spaces $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICOM301D Communicate Information $1,950.00 Quote Cart
TLILIC0006 Licence to Operate a Bridge and Gantry Crane $990.00 Quote Cart
TLILIC0010 Licence to Operate a Slewing Mobile Crane C2 $990.00 Quote Cart
RIICPL302D Install Stormwater Systems $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO304E Conduct Wheel Loader Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIVEH304D Conduct Tip Truck Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIIMG301D Maintain Site Records $1,950.00 Quote Cart
TLILIC0015 Licence to Operate a Slewing Mobile Crane (over 100 Tonnes) (C0) $990.00 Quote Cart
RIICRC301D Maintain Drainage Systems $1,650.00 Quote Cart
CPCCLHS3001A Licence to Operate a Personnel and Materials Hoist $990.00 Quote Cart
RIICRC307D Conduct Road Pavement Construction $1,650.00 Quote Cart
CPCCLTC4001A Licence to Operate a Tower Crane $990.00 Quote Cart
RIIERR302E Respond to Local Emergencies and Incidents $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICPL301D Install Water Mains Pipelines $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICCM209D Carry out Concrete Work $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIRIS401D Apply Site Risk Management System $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICWD503D Prepare Work Zone Traffic Management Plan $2,350.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO326E Conduct Water Vehicle Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIWHS301D Conduct Safety and Health Investigations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO338E Conduct Rigid Haul Truck Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
TLILIC0004 Licence to Operate an Order Picking Forklift Truck $990.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO402D Apply the Principles of Earthworks Construction $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICRC304D Maintain Sealed Roads $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICRC201D Repair Potholes $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO301E Conduct Hydraulic Excavator Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
TLILIC0014 Licence to Operate a Slewing Mobile Crane (Up to 100 Tonnes) (C1) $990.00 Quote Cart
CPCCLHS3002A Licence to Operate a Materials Hoist $990.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO315E Conduct Tractor Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIHAN311F Conduct Operations with Integrated Tool Carrier $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICCM211D Erect and Dismantle Temporary Fencing and Gates $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO325E Conduct Civil Construction Scraper Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIRIS402D Carry out the Risk Management Process $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIHAN201E Operate a Forklift $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIHAN307E Operate a Vehicle Loading Crane $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIGOV401D Apply, Monitor and Report on Compliance Systems $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICPL303D Install Sewer Pipelines $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO308F Conduct Tracked Dozer Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIISAM301E Test Operational Functions of Vehicles and Equipment $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICRC203D Install Sub-Soil Drainage $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICRC202D Install Signs $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIIBEF402D Supervise on-Site Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart

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