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Unit code Unit title Price
RII30115 Certificate III in Surface Extractions Operations (3 Units) $4,830.00 Quote Cart
RII20415 RII20415 - Certificate II in Underground Metalliferous Mining (5 Units) $7,480.00 Quote Cart
RII10115 RII10115 - Certificate I in Resources and Infrastructure Operations $4,480.00 Quote Cart
RII20715 Certificate II Civil Construction (10 Units) $14,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO326E_AK Conduct Water Vehicle Operations Assessment Kit $485.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO321F_AK Conduct Civil Construction Wheeled Front End Loader Operations Assessment Kit $485.00 Quote Cart
RIIWHS302D_AK Implement Traffic Management Plan Assessment Kit $485.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO318F_AK Conduct Civil Construction Skid Steer Loader Operations Assessment Kit $485.00 Quote Cart
RIISAM213D_AK Position and Set up Mobile Lighting Assessment Kit $485.00 Quote Cart
RIISS00044 RIISS00044 - Work Zone Traffic Control - Traffic Controller Skill Set (3 Units) $4,480.00 Quote Cart
RIISS00043 RIISS00043 - Work Zone Traffic Control - Supervisor Skill Set (5 Units) $7,900.00 Quote Cart
RIISS00041 RIISS00041 - Work Zone Traffic Control - Implement Traffic Control Guidance Plan Skill Set (3 Units) $4,830.00 Quote Cart
RIISS00033 RIISS00033 - Underground Coal Mine Safety Skill Set (Mining Induction) (6 Units) $8,800.00 Quote Cart
RII30715 Certificate III in Mine Emergency Response and Rescue (4 Units) $6,700.00 Quote Cart
RII20315 RII20315 - Certificate II in Underground Coal Mining (5 Units) $7,480.00 Quote Cart
RII20515 RII20515 - Certificate II in Resource Processing (4 Units) $5,960.00 Quote Cart
RII20215 Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations (4 Units) $5,960.00 Quote Cart

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