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Unit code Unit title Price
CPCCCM2010B Work Safely At Heights $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RII10115 RII10115 - Certificate I in Resources and Infrastructure Operations $4,480.00 Quote Cart
RII20115 RII20115 - Certificate II in Resources and Infrastructure Work Preparation (3 Units) $4,480.00 Quote Cart
RII20515 RII20515 - Certificate II in Resource Processing (4 Units) $5,960.00 Quote Cart
RII20715 Certificate II Civil Construction (10 Units) $14,950.00 Quote Cart
RII30815 Certificate III Civil Construction Plant Operations (14 Units) $20,400.00 Quote Cart
RII30915 Certificate III Civil Construction (7 Units) $10,400.00 Quote Cart
RII40715 Certificate IV Civil Construction Supervision (5 Units) $8,970.00 Quote Cart
RIIBEF201D Plan and Organise Work $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIIBEF201E Plan and Organise Work $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIIBEF402D Supervise on-Site Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICBS201D Conduct Tack Coat Spraying Operations $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICBS202D Hand Spread Asphalt $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICBS203D Safely Handle Bituminous Materials $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICBS204D Conduct Aggregate Spreader Box Operations $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICBS207D Take Samples of Materials Used in Road Surfacing $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICBS208D Conduct Road Maintenance Operations $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICCM201D Carry Out Measurements and Calculations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICCM202E Identify, Locate and Protect Underground Services $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICCM203D Read and Interpret Plans and Job Specifications $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICCM205E Carry out Manual Excavation $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICCM206D Support Plant Operations $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICCM207D Spread and Compact Materials Manually $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICCM208D Carry out Basic Levelling $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICCM209D Carry out Concrete Work $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICCM210D Install Trench Support $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICCM211D Erect and Dismantle Temporary Fencing and Gates $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICOM201D Communicate in the Workplace $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICOM201E Communicate in the Workplace $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICOM301D Communicate Information $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICOM302D Communicate Workplace Information $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICPL301D Install Water Mains Pipelines $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICPL302D Install Stormwater Systems $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICPL303D Install Sewer Pipelines $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICPL305D Install Pre-Cast Access Chambers $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICRC201D Repair Potholes $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICRC202D Install Signs $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICRC203D Install Sub-Soil Drainage $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICRC204D Install and Maintain Roadside Fixtures $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICRC206D Install Pre-Cast Concrete Crash Barriers $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICRC208D Lay Pipes $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICRC301D Maintain Drainage Systems $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICRC304D Maintain Sealed Roads $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICRC306D Conduct Earthworks $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICRC307D Conduct Road Pavement Construction $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIICRC319D Saw and Cut Concrete Pavements to Initiate Planned Cracks $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICWD503E Prepare Work Zone Traffic Management Plan $2,350.00 Quote Cart
RIICWM401D Supervise Civil Works $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIICWM402D Supervise Civil Works Contractors $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIENV201D Identify and Assess Environmental and Heritage Concerns $1,650.00 Quote Cart
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