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Pay Per Use Online LLN Testing And Support

In accordance with the standards for RTOs (2015) clause 1.7 you are required to determine the needs of each learner, and support them throughout their training. This includes LLN testing. Make sure your RTOs processes are compliant and that your students are Course Ready!

Course Ready is a purpose-built LLN testing and training system. Using a simplified approach to LLN testing you can quickly identify the areas that a person needs support in, and enrol them in an online LLN course that will help them further develop their LLN skills.

The system is designed to measure LLN against AQF certificate levels 2 and 3. This makes it easy to direct students to the right level of testing and support.

Our system will email you with the results of assessments and notify you when a student has completed their online LLN training. The results email will provide you with guidelines on what to do next based on the assessment score.

LLN Testing

Course Ready online LLN assessments are a quick and effective way of determining the current abilities of students you are enrolling.

The quizzes are designed to reflect the LLN requirements of most Cert 2 or Cert 3 courses.

Each quiz is made up of a series of questions that cover:

  • Reading & Writing.
  • Numeracy.

The results email generated at the end of the assessment gives you the learner’s score and lists possible Course Ready LLN Support courses if required.

From $5.50

LLN Support

Course Ready online LLN support courses contain a series of self-paced lessons and activities.

Support courses are targeted at levels 2 and 3 of the ACSF which are the most common levels associated with Certificate 2 – 3 qualifications.

Once finished each learner is awarded a certificate of completion.

From $28.50