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Online Resources and LMS

The Learning Resources Group takes pride in looking at things a different way. We understand the hesitation that comes with change and the anxiety of implementing new technology solutions in your business. That's why we've spent a lot of time coming up with a range of ways for you to start training online, or improve your existing online course delivery.


Online Learning with a Difference

TLRG is the only online training system and content provider that doesn’t cap your enrolments. Each month you can enrol as many learners as you need for a fixed flat rate. You always know what you are spending and you won’t be hit with unexpected bills or fees.

Content is Key

TLRG has been in the business of developing high quality learning resources for a decade. We are now able to offer those courses in an online format. Plenty of other companies can give you either the system or the courses – we can help with both.

Our range is growing all the time, and we can also author your courses for you. Contact our office and ask to speak to somebody about authoring online courses.

Starting Out or Experienced Online Course Developer

It doesn’t matter if you have never used online training before. We can offer access to online training where you never need to log in to a Learning Management System. We call it the Claytons LMS – the LMS you use when you’re not using an LMS. The experience for your learners is unchanged, but the administration side is taken care of by a range of systems and functions that you’ll never see who only work to make your life easier. Our system will tell you when somebody has started, and when they have finished. You’ll get the relevant results send straight to your email.

Want to delve deeper? We can provide you with a complete, state of the art LMS that allows you to author your own courses and manage learners, results, analytics and reporting. On top of that we can set it up for you with plenty of our VET courses that are ready to go!

Ask yourself what you want out of online learning. These are some common things that we hear:


I want to be able to write my own courses and analyse all of the data.

You want eCoach, our Learning Management System.


I want an easy enrolment process.

We can set you up with a branded enrolment form that will automatically set up your learners to start their course.


I don’t have time to learn how to use a new system but I need to go to online training so I can stay competitive.

Our My Online Course option gives you access to all the technology of an LMS without ever having to log into one. Fill out an online enrolment form and your learners will be emailed to start their course. When they finish you get an email with the results. Simple.


I only have a few learners per year that do a particular course – I don’t want to put in a system just for them.

You can either pay as you go with the pay-per-use option (which still works out to be extremely cost effective) or we can look at authoring your other courses so that you can offer online learning to all of your clients, not just a small number.


What if I enrol somebody and they don’t do the work before they come in?

Don’t book them in for any face-to-face training until you have their results back.


What is the Best Option for Your Organisation?

TLRG has different options to suit the smallest to the largest training organisation looking to implement or improve on their online training services.


My Online Course Unlimited


All the benefits of an LMS without having an LMS. Use our system to offer online courses to your clients. Pay by the month. Unlimited enrolments. Add more courses any time. Simple. Branded. Affordable.

Subscription $29 per month + $100 per TLRG online course - Unlimited Enrolments.


(Learning Management System)

The Learning Resources Group has partnered with international LMS industry leader eCoach to deliver you the platform and the content you need to start offering online and blended training courses.

LMS Subscription $699 per month + $30 per TLRG online course - Up to 1000 Enrolments each month.


Choosing the most cost effective option for you is based on:

  • The number of different courses or subjects you want to deliver online.
  • How many learners you want to enrol per month.


Use the table below to work out what the most cost effective method of online training is for you:


Number of different courses being delivered





Number of learner
enrolments per month


My Online
Course Unlimited

My Online
Course Unlimited Subscription



My Online
Course Unlimited Subscription

My Online
Course Unlimited Subscription



Feature List


My Online Course Unlimited

Mobile & Smart Device compatible.

Self-marking assessments.

Results via email.

Access to TLRG online courses.

Access to unit mapping.

Customised enrolment form.

Direct debit monthly subscription.

Corporate branding.


System orientation training session (online).


Secure results database.


SMS Integration.


Create or add your own courses.


Practical assessment tools for TLRG online courses.


User account management.


Course and assessment analytics reports.


Online technical support.