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The VET Student Loans 2017 scheme requires RTOs to provide a Reading and Numeracy assessment of all students seeking loan assistance under the scheme. Our VET Student Loan Assessment Tool has been approved by the Department of Education for this purpose.

We are proud that our assessment tool has been approved for use to meet the VET Student Loans Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) assessment tool program student entry requirements.

You can read more about the requirements and view our approval here:


The VET Student Loan – Language, Literacy and Numeracy (VSL LLN) Assessment Tool created by TLRG was designed and developed based on the requirements of the VET Student Loans Rules 2016. The assessment tool is designed to provide a VSL provider with a clear indication of whether or not a learner is at exit level 3 – beginning level 4 of the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) in order to access funding for approved courses

The VSL LLN is completely online and self marking and has been developed to make it the most easily accessible and best value test on the market. The VSL LLN forms part of our LLN Robot System which has had in excess of 300,000 Australian learners benefit from the assessment and LLN support tools it provides.   

The VSL edition of the LLN Quiz (v2016.1) uses the same approach and content originally developed for the LLN Robot System. This content has been narrowed down to focus primarily on reading and numeracy core skills and to ensure that there are 15 questions for each mapped to ACSF level 3 and 4 to ensure exit level 3 – beginning level 4 is assessed.

Question formats range from drag & drop, re-order items, point & click, multiple choice and text/numerical entry.

The breakdown for each bank of 15 questions is:

  • 12 questions at ACSF level 3 and,
  • 3 questions at ACSF level 4.

The VSL LLN Assessment Tool runs in a web browser on either a PC, Laptop or Tablet and sends the results of the assessment (pass/fail) directly to the RTO. The results display a score out of 15 for each bank of questions. The learner must get at least 13/15 to be considered at exit level 3 – beginning level 4.