Mobile Assessments

Your assessment tools in the palm of your hand.

Mobile Assessments

We are happy to announce a new way of assessing your learners. We have partnered with a global app developer to bring you a new way to use your own existing practical assessments or our high quality extensive range, available for the first time in the palm of your hand.

In a time of strict compliance and rigorous auditing, having an easy way to gather, sync and store high quality evidence of assessments is becoming more important than ever. With our Mobile Assessments offering, organisations can make sure assessors have the ability to make consistent decisions through clear task benchmarking, supported with photo and video evidence. This also greatly improves the review, moderation and auditing process.


Mobile Assessments by TLRG allows you to:

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Gather Photo and Video Evidence

The app allows you to take photographic and video evidence with your device live or upload it later.

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Keep geolocated evidence as proof of time and location of assessment.

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Assess Single Learners or Groups

You can assess a single learner or swipe between multiple learner assessments.

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Live or Offline Assessments

Complete assessments live or upload after the assessment is complete.

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Instant Access to Assessment Records

Automatically generate and email Assessment Records branded to your organisation containing photos and links to video files stored securely on cloud servers.

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Cloud Sync Assessment Reports

Sync completed assessment records with your compliance and admin teams in real time.

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Record of Evidence

Maintain consistent high levels of evidence gathering and record keeping.

reduce time and cost

Use Existing Devices

Reduce time and cost by using devices that your assessors carry with them.

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Easy to Add Important Details

Add notes to explain exactly what happened during the assessment.

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Consistent Outcomes

Ensure the judgment of your assessors never comes under scrutiny.


App Store   Google Play

This tool is facilitated through a free app, available for download in the Apple Store or Play Store. All you pay for is access to TLRG Assessment Tools. On completion the Assessment Report is emailed directly to your organisation.


Mobile Assessments Subscription Calculator

Complete the form to calculate your setup and monthly subscription fees.

We also have a range of pre-built Mobile Assessment tools from $58 per month with no setup or integration fees. View the range below.





Can multiple people use my login?

No. Only one person can be logged into the app at a time with the same account. Multiple user accounts can be purchased allowing you to conduct assessment in different locations at the same time.

What devices can I use for Mobile Assessments?

The app is available on both Android and Apple devices. It uses the camera and microphone of your device. You can use a smartphone or tablet to access and complete the assessment within the app.

Can I assess multiple people at the same time?

Yes. You can swap between assessments within the app with a couple of quick swipes.

Can assessment reports have my company branding on them?

Yes. We will set up the reports to have your company details and logo on them.

Can I take photos and videos and then add them into the assessment afterwards?

Yes. You can take photos and video of the assessment and add them into the app afterwards. You can also complete the assessment form via the web application from a PC.

Does each assessor need a different account?

Yes. The assessor’s details are included in the report and only one login per account can be used at a time.

What options are there for cloud storage?

We can set up for reports to be automatically saved to Google Drive for an additional fee. Please ask us if you want to use this feature.

How long does the assessment stay on my assessor’s phone?

Completed assessments remain on your phone until they are synced with the system (requiring internet connection) and selected to be removed from within the app by the assessor.

Can you build me a custom assessment tool?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss your needs. We can add custom tools to your account for a fee.

Can I build my own assessment tools in the app?

No. Our pricing model includes our team adding in your assessments or populating your app with our assessments, whatever suits your needs.

Does it matter if I fill out the assessment back at the office?

The app uses geo-location to track where the assessment is being done. If you complete the assessment on site then complete the assessment form in a different location the geo-location information will be inconsistent.


Book a free trial

To understand if Mobile Assessments is right for your organisations book a free trial of the system by clicking the link below and choosing an available time slot.