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Five Rules for Successful Presentations

I…LOVE…PowerPoint. There – I said it. I’m THAT guy. I’m here to undo the damage done by presenters using PowerPoint as a word processor in the shape of a sledgehammer. Don’t blame the program, blame the lack of imagination. “But Dave”, I hear you say, “I thought death by PowerPoint...

21 June 2017 by David Cunning

Three ‘Takeaways’ from the VET CEO Conference 2017

For so long the vast majority of conferences in the VET landscape were specifically for practitioners and RTO staff. It’s a nice change to have a focus on a more global, management based view of running Training Organisations. 16 June 2017 by Matt Peachey

Seven Ways to Improve your RTO - Part 2

This is the final article in a two part series on Seven Ways to Improve your RTO. You can read the first four reasons here: Just a recap they were: Motivate your Staff Use the 90 Percent Rule Make Compliance Standard Practice Take some Time Now let's get into...

09 June 2017 by Matt Peachey

Seven Ways to Improve your RTO - Part 1

You want to run your business better. You have a long list of things to take your business to the next level but you don’t know where to start. Here are 4 things you can do in your RTO now that can have a significant impact. 1. MOTIVATE YOUR STAFF In...

02 June 2017 by Matt Peachey

Five Tips for Promoting your RTO at a Trade Show or Employer Conference

You have paid the invoice for your event booth, now you need to make the most of your marketing dollar and get the all important ROI. Here are five key tips to maximising your investment both short and long term.  1. DO NOT MAKE IT A SALES PITCH This will...

02 May 2017 by Matt Peachey
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