Digital Robot for Work (Unlimited Package + Two Extra Sites)

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$5,340.00 inc GST

Includes unlimited candidate quizzes over the 12 month subscription period and unlimited user accounts. This package includes the Integrations and API functions.

This package includes 2 extra databases and deployments for extra sites (3 systems in total). These can have different branding and user access but each has unlimited quizzes and user accounts included.

Digital Robot is a cutting edge software platform designed to assess the digital capability levels of individuals as outlined in the Australian Digital Capability Framework (ADCF).

The Digital Robot for Work Package includes:

  • Digital Profiler - Complete Digital Capability Questionnaire. 
  • Job Profiler - Digital Capability Profile for Job Roles.

Use Digital Robot for Work to compare your staff members or prospective employee's current digital capability against the requirements of their current or future job roles. The system will complete a gap analysis and give you tailored Upskill Recommendations to help bridge the gap between your employees current skills and those they will need to complete training. These recommendations also identify the priority of the upskill requirements in line with the frequency of tasks performed.