The Business Case for Online Refresher Training

“Competency is forever…” great for learner’s but bad for business.

The VET sector is unusual in many ways, it’s one of the few industries where the product doesn’t have an expiry date. Once you deem someone competent in a subject, technically they don’t have to be assessed again…...ever. Rules change, technology changes, equipment changes, processes change but no matter what, you are competent. You can attain a competency in a subject, never perform those tasks again and still, technically, be competent.

This rule is not changing any time soon, and they say you can’t fight city hall, so what should an RTO do?  Well in most cases RTO’s can do a number of things. They train people in multiple competencies, they conduct verification of competency and they offer refresher training. 

The first of these is probably the best value offering for learners - more skills, more qualifications can lead to more income or a better job. It is easy to make the case for this and it means you may be able to have customers return, two, three, maybe four times over a period of years.

Verification of competency is a good revenue stream also - someone starts a new job and their company wants to verify their skills. Your trainer or assessor goes on site and runs an assessment and you get paid. Again this may happen three or four times in their working life also, so it is good business practice to offer this service.

The difficulty with both of these is, while they create good revenue, they use a lot of resources, time and assets.

Refresher Theory Training on the other hand, especially if it is offered online, is a low cost, high cut through, repeatable, non regulated practice that is widely accepted by industry. The offering for your clients would be something you can offer on a regular basis, that keeps employees skills current, that is low cost and can be done on an employees own time.

Employers have a responsibility to provide instruction, supervision and training in the workplace. Refresher training is an avenue you can use to assist them with meeting this requirement. 

I would also suggest that refresher training can help with worker safety complacency and an organisation that promotes constant improvement, will operate more efficiently.

Many workers stay current with the practical skills involved in their jobs but may not be up to date with the latest regulations and standards that industry and government require. 

Online Refresher Theory Training is a product you can offer directly from your website without using a trainer’s time which is one of your most finite and expensive resources.

It may not be for everyone but I would argue that every RTO should at least consider it.


Matt Peachey

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Matt Peachey is the CEO of the Learning Resources Group. Over the past decade, he has grown the small resource development company into one of the largest training resource providers in the country and industry leaders in digital and LLN space of Vocational Education Support.

Matt has spent extensive time working directly with RTO’s all over the country to help them implement their training and assessment programs. He has also assisted a number of RTO’s with their marketing and business strategies.

Matt's goals for The Learning Resources Group is to ensure that the organisation is poised to support the VET industry through future changes.

Prior to his work in the VET sector Matt had 10 years working in the automotive industry firstly in sales management and eventually as a process and strategy consultant.

Outside of the TLRG office, Matt can be found volunteering for Lifeline as a counsellor, scouring the countryside for great wine or touring around on his motorcycle.