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Unit code Unit title Price
CPCCCM2010B Work Safely At Heights $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RII10115 RII10115 - Certificate I in Resources and Infrastructure Operations $4,480.00 Quote Cart
RII20115 RII20115 - Certificate II in Resources and Infrastructure Work Preparation (3 Units) $4,480.00 Quote Cart
RII20215 Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations (4 Units) $5,960.00 Quote Cart
RII20315 RII20315 - Certificate II in Underground Coal Mining (5 Units) $7,480.00 Quote Cart
RII20415 RII20415 - Certificate II in Underground Metalliferous Mining (5 Units) $7,480.00 Quote Cart
RII20515 RII20515 - Certificate II in Resource Processing (4 Units) $5,960.00 Quote Cart
RII30115 Certificate III in Surface Extractions Operations (3 Units) $4,830.00 Quote Cart
RII30715 Certificate III in Mine Emergency Response and Rescue (4 Units) $6,700.00 Quote Cart
RIIERR201D Conduct Fire Team Operations $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIIERR203D Escape From Hazardous Situations Unaided $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIERR205D Apply Initial Response First Aid $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIERR301D Respond to Mine Incident $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIERR302D Respond to Local Emergencies and Incidents $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIERR304D Control Emergencies and Critical Situations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIERR305D Control Underground Fires $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIERR306D Conduct Underground Search $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIERR307D Extricate Casualties from Underground Incident $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIERR308D Extricate and Transport People Involved in Incidents $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIERR309D Establish and Operate from Fresh Air Base $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIERR310D Provide Support for Rescue Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIGOV201D Comply with Site Work Processes/Procedures $1,650.00 Quote Cart
RIIGOV401D Apply, Monitor and Report on Compliance Systems $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIHAN201D Operate a Forklift $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIHAN203D_RIIHAN305D Conduct Lifting Operations and Operate a Gantry or Overhead Crane $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIHAN301D Operate Elevating Work Platform $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIHAN307D Operate a Vehicle Loading Crane $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIHAN308E Load and Unload Plant $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIHAN309E Conduct Telescopic Materials Handler Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIHAN311E Conduct Operations with Integrated Tool Carrier $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIIMG301D Maintain Site Records $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO205D Operate Roller/Compactor $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO206D Conduct Bulk Water Truck Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO301D Conduct Hydraulic Excavator Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO304D Conduct Wheel Loader Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO308E Conduct Tracked Dozer Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO309E Conduct Wheeled Dozer Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO310E Conduct Grader Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO312D Conduct Scraper Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO315D Conduct Tractor Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO316D Conduct Self-Propelled Compactor Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO317E Conduct Roller Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO318E Conduct Civil Construction Skid Steer Loader Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO319D Conduct Backhoe/Loader Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO320E Conduct Civil Construction Excavator Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO321E Conduct Civil Construction Wheeled Front End Loader Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO322D Conduct Civil Construction Tracked Front End Loader Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO323D Conduct Civil Construction Dozer Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO324E Conduct Civil Construction Grader Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
RIIMPO325D Conduct Civil Construction Scraper Operations $1,950.00 Quote Cart
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