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LLN Robot is an online system that combines online Language Literacy & Numeracy (LLN) testing, Course Profiling Analysis and LLN Support into one easy to use package.


TESTING: LLN Robot tests candidates against the nationally recognised Australian Core Skill Framework (ACSF) and creates a snapshot of their current Language Literacy & Numeracy Skills.

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ANALYSIS: You can then take that result and compare it to a course the candidate is interested or enrolled in. LLN Robot uses a proprietary algorithm to create an LLN Profile of any Nationally Recognised Training Course or Qualification against the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF). This exclusive tool gives you the ability to understand what skills growth the learners may need to be able to bridge any gaps between their current Language Literacy and Numeracy Skills and the skills they need to achieve the training or qualification of their choice.

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SUPPORT: LLN Robot can use the Candidates’ Quiz Results and its unique Analysis Tool to put together a custom training support action plan and skills growth program for candidates to use based on their specific needs in relation to their training or qualification of their choice.

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This process allows organisations to Test, Analyse and Support their learners, staff or clients across all different applications of Language, Literacy and Numeracy requirements.

Here is an overview video with more detail on the system:



Integrations are included in our Standard, Unlimited and TAFE level systems which currently allows those subscribers to manage their own direct integration with aXcelerate and VETtrak Student Management Systems. Without having to engage IT professionals your organisation can use this integration to access the functionality and reporting of LLN Robot directly from your aXcelerate or VETtrak system when you enrol a learner into a course. If you use another Student Management System you can use our API or Zapier Integration.

Note: This integration is available as a paid add-on to the budget level subscription for $149 per year. Click here for more information.


The Course Ready digital learning readiness questionnaire will give your organisation an understanding of how your learners will be able to engage with digital technologies used during the training process.

The platform will provide you with a detailed report informing you of the suitability of your training product in relation to the digital capability of the learner and what devices they have access to for training.

It will provide insight into not only their capability, but also their access to technology in relation to training systems such as:

  • Student portals
  • Booking portals
  • Sending and receiving email
  • Downloading and uploading documents
  • Learning management systems
  • Webinars and video conferencing

Here is an overview video with more detail on the Course Ready Questionnaire:

If you would like more information on the features included in all the packages you can Click here.

If you would like more information you can read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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DIGITAL ROBOT is a cutting edge software platform designed to assess the digital capability levels of individuals as outlined in the Australian Digital Capability Framework (ADCF). It offers two versions, for Study and for Work, tailored for Registered Training Organisations, SME’s, Corporate and Government, enabling them to evaluate the digital proficiency of learners and employees.

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For use in Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) and TAFE


Course Ready - Digital Readiness for Learning Questionnaire: Exclusively for RTOs offering online or blended learning, this quick assessment tool is crafted to evaluate the essential digital skills and digital access necessary for successful online learning. The Course Ready questionnaire ensures learners are prepared to navigate the digital aspects of their learning journey, offering immediate insights to their suitability for these delivery methods.

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Digital Profiler Alternatively, you can accurately evaluate the digital skills of your learners or employees with our state-of-the-art Digital Profiler Questionnaire. This is a comprehensive tool that assesses digital capabilities across 21 sub-criteria of the Australian Digital Capability Framework (ADCF), revealing proficiency levels in a dynamic and accessible online format. It's designed to provide a thorough understanding of a learner's digital skills.

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Detailed Course Profiling: The foundation of our analysis in the VET Sector begins with the creation of precise course profiles. Educators and administrators can outline the digital skill requirements of their courses by selecting from an extensive list of competencies aligned with the Australian Digital Capability Framework (ADCF). This step involves specifying the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) level and the delivery method of the course (e.g., Face to Face, Blended Learning, or Online Learning), ensuring a tailored approach to digital skill assessment.

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Alignment with ADCF: Each course profile is meticulously matched against the 21 sub-criteria of the Australian Digital Capability Framework (ADCF) across 8 levels. This alignment process is crucial for identifying the specific digital skills and proficiencies necessary for students to succeed in their courses.

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Digital Skill Gap Identification: Leveraging the comprehensive data collected from the Digital Profiler, Digital Robot offers a detailed analysis of students' current digital capabilities in relation to the requirements of their enrolled courses or qualifications. This analysis goes beyond mere identification of gaps, delving into the specifics of proficiency levels and the relevance of each skill to the course objectives.

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Customised Course Profiles: The result of this meticulous analysis is a customised digital capability profile for each course, illustrating the required skills and proficiency levels needed for successful completion. These profiles serve as a dynamic tool for educators, allowing them to consider course content and teaching strategies based on the digital readiness of their students.

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Continuous Improvement and Adaptation: Our platform facilitates an ongoing cycle of assessment, analysis, and adjustment. As digital technologies evolve and course requirements change, Digital Robot ensures that RTOs can continuously align their digital capability support processes with the latest standards and learning objectives, promoting a culture of continuous improvement and digital excellence in education.

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Strategic Insights for Targeted Training: By providing a granular view of where students stand against the digital requirements of their courses, Digital Robot develops targeted training recommendations. These recommendations are designed not just to bridge gaps but to enhance the overall digital competency of learners, ensuring they are not only ready for their current enrolment but also equipped with the digital skills needed for future career opportunities, ensuring learners trained by your organisation make the best of employees.

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Continuous Learning & Adaptation: Digital Robot supports RTOs in fostering an environment of continuous digital skill development. It offers tools and resources for ongoing assessment and training, ensuring learners remain at the forefront of digital proficiency throughout their learning journey.

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 All of this is managed by an easy to navigate administration interface or via integrations with your existing systems.


For all Organisations, SME’s, Corporate and Government


Digital Profiler: If you are a business or Government department of any size you can accurately evaluate the digital skills of your current or prospective employees with our state-of-the-art Digital Profiler Questionnaire. This is a comprehensive tool that assesses digital capabilities across 21 sub-criteria of the Australian Digital Capability Framework (ADCF), revealing proficiency levels in a dynamic and accessible online format. It's designed to provide a thorough understanding of a candidate’s digital skills.

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Comprehensive Job Profiling: The first step in our analysis process involves creating an in-depth profile for each job role within the organisation. This profile outlines the specific digital skills and proficiency levels required, based on the Australian Digital Capability Framework (ADCF). Our platform guides employers through selecting relevant skills from a comprehensive list, ensuring that every critical digital competency is accounted for.

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Skill Gap Analysis: Once the job profiles are established, Digital Robot conducts a detailed comparison between these profiles and the digital capabilities of current employees, as assessed by the Digital Profiler. This analysis is not just about identifying missing skills but understanding the depth of the gap at different proficiency levels (Basic, Competent, Proficient, & Expert). It allows organisations to pinpoint exactly where each employee stands in relation to the ideal skill set for their role.

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Customised Digital Capability Profiles: The outcome of this analysis is a personalised digital capability profile for each job role, highlighting the specific areas where employees excel and where they need improvement. These profiles are dynamic, allowing for updates as employees undergo training and reassessment, ensuring that the analysis remains relevant and actionable over time.

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Strategic Insights for HR and Management: The analysis provided by Digital Robot offers valuable insights into the overall digital health of the organisation. HR departments and management teams can use this data to make informed decisions about workforce development, training priorities, and even recruitment strategies. By understanding the digital capabilities landscape of their organisation, leaders can better strategize for future growth and competitiveness.

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Alignment with Organisational Goals: Ultimately, the skill gap analysis and job role alignment facilitated by Digital Robot are designed to ensure that employees' digital capabilities are not just up to par but aligned with the strategic objectives and digital transformation goals of the organisation. This alignment is crucial for driving efficiency, innovation, and competitive advantage in today's fast-paced digital economy. By providing a detailed and actionable analysis of skill gaps and aligning employee skills with job role requirements, Digital Robot empowers organisations to strategically develop their workforce, enhancing digital capabilities to meet current and future challenges.

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Customised Training Recommendations: Based on the analysis, Digital Robot suggests targeted training programs to bridge the identified skill gaps. This ensures that employees receive the necessary support to enhance their digital capabilities, aligning their skills with the organisation's needs.

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Frequency & Importance Matching: Beyond identifying skill gaps, our platform also evaluates how frequently each skill is utilised within the job role and its importance to successful job performance. This nuanced approach ensures that recommendations for training and development are not just about bridging gaps but prioritising them based on their impact on job functions.

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Ongoing Development & Support: Recognising that digital skills continually evolve, Digital Robot provides resources for continuous learning and skill enhancement. This support ensures that employees and organisations remain competitive in a digitally-driven market.

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  All of this is managed by an easy to navigate administration interface or via integrations with your existing systems.


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