New Releases and Future Projects

New Releases

NOV 23 PUAWHS002 Maintain Safety at an Incident Scene (Printable resources) Order Now
NOV 23 BSBWHS411 Implement and Monitor WHS Policies, Procedures and Programs (Printable resources) Order Now
OCT 23 PUALAW001 Protect and Preserve Incident Scene (Printable resources) Order Now
OCT 23 BSBLDR411 Demonstrate Leadership in the Workplace (E-Learning resources) Order Now
SEP 23 RIIRTM203E Work as a Safety Observer/Spotter (Printable resources) Order Now
SEP 23 HLTWHS003 Maintain Work Health and Safety (Printable resources) Order Now
SEP 23 RIICOM301E Communicate Information (E-Learning resources) Order Now
SEP 23 BSBWHS418 Assist with Managing WHS Compliance of Contractors (E-Learning resources) Order Now
SEP 23 PUASAR032 Undertake Vertical Rescue (Printable resources) Order Now
AUG 23 RIISS00022 Concrete Paving - Joint Sealer Skill Set (Printable resources) Order Now
AUG 23 RIICRC320E Seal Concrete Pavements (Printable resources) Order Now
AUG 23 BSBWHS419 Contribute to Implementing WHS Monitoring Processes (E-Learning resources) Order Now
AUG 23 BSBWHS417 Assist with Managing WHS Implications of Return to Work (E-Learning resources) Order Now


Coming Soon

These resources are going through the final stages of production. Purchase them today to take advantage of our pre-order discount.

RIICRC315E: Use Concreting Materials and Equipment Pre-Order Now


Future Projects

These projects are in the pipeline. If you'd like us to notify you once something here is ready to be ordered please click on 'notify me' and complete the form. Our sales team will be in touch as the project progresses towards completion.

RIICRC317E Finish concrete pavements Notify Me
RIIBEF301D Run on-site operations Notify Me
BSBOPS404 Implement customer service strategies Notify Me
BSBHRM413 Support the learning and development of teams and individuals Notify Me
BSBOPS402 Coordinate business operational plans Notify Me
CHCCCS015 Provide individualised support Notify Me
CHCCOM005 Communicate and work in health or community services Notify Me
CHCDIS007 Facilitate the empowerment of people with disability Notify Me
CHCCOM002 Use communication to build relationships Notify Me
CHCMGT001 Develop, implement and review quality framework Notify Me
CHCCCS025 Support relationships with carers and families Notify Me


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