Paperless RTO

With a wide range of digital products to choose from TLRG has you covered.

TLRG understands that RTO’s are looking for ways to become more efficient and to save time and money without compromising the learner experience.

In light of this we are pleased to offer a range of solutions to provide your organisation with the ability to become completely or partially paperless, the choice is yours…

We have three offerings that give you control of how much or little you transition to a digital, paper-free footprint:


1. E-Learning Training Resources and Formative Assessment

Our E-learning training resource suites contain the following items:

  • SCORM Files of Learning Content;
  • Fully Mapped Formative Revision Questions built into E-Learning;
  • Fully Mapped Formative Practical Training Tasks;
  • Audit Mapping Document;
  • Training & Assessment Strategy Template Document;
  • Session Plan Template Document;
  • Training Logbook Document (where applicable); and
  • Training Sign-off Document.
All files are delivered in electronic format as a .zip containing editable Microsoft Office files (docx, pptx).
    This suite of resources is covered by our audit warranty.

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      2. Paperless Assessments Summative Theory (Coming Soon)

      Paperless Assessments is a stand alone web platform that allows you to create and implement your own final theory tests for your learners on tablets under supervision.

      Choose from a number of assessment types including short answer, true false & short answer, math/calculations, stylus/handwriting blank and stylus form completion.

      Then from your own administration portal you can mark completed learner assessments and have them export to your Student Management System.


      3. Mobile Assessments

      The Learning Resources Group is happy to announce a new way of assessing your learners. We have partnered with a global app developer to bring you our extensive range of high quality practical assessment tools, available for the first time in the palm of your hand.

      Mobile Assessments by TLRG allows you to:

      • Gather photo and video evidence;
      • Keep geolocated evidence as proof of time and location of assessment
      • Assess single learners or groups;
      • Complete assessments live or upload after the assessment is complete;
      • Sync completed assessment records with your compliance and admin teams in real time;
      • Maintain consistent high levels of evidence gathering and record keeping;
      • Reduce time and cost by using devices that your assessors carry with them;
      • Add notes to explain exactly what happened during the assessment;
      • Automatically generate and email Assessment Records branded to your organisation containing photos and links to video files stored securely on cloud servers; and
      • Ensure the judgement of your assessors never comes under scrutiny.

      This tool is facilitated through a free app, available for download in the Apple Store or Play Store. All you pay for is access to TLRG Assessment Tools.

      Mobile Assessments by TLRG is a great tool for streamlining your assessment process. TLRG have subscription plans to suit any organisation's needs.

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