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Includes unlimited learner quizzes over the 12 month subscription period and unlimited user accounts.

LLN Robot - the only Complete LLN Analysis & Support Package on the Market.


  • Use the included online LLN Quiz to test your learners’ LLN levels.
  • LLN Robot analyses the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) levels of your courses.
  • The system compares learner results with the ACSF levels of your courses.
  • LLN Robot generates individualised LLN Training Programs & Supplements for your learners.

LLN Robot System features:
  • Multiple Tests: Choose from ACSF Level 3 Test, ACSF Level 4 Test, and Approved VET Student Loans Test.
  • Learner Invitation Module: Invite learners via a single invitation or invite up to 5000 learners at a time.
  • Learner Results Database: View the LLN profile of any learner or send a reminder to complete the test.
  • Quiz Answer Reports: Get a full Quiz Answer Report for each learner.
  • Full Analysis of Any Course or Qualification: Analysis of any current unit of competency, instantly providing you with the ACSF profile.
  • LLN Support Programs: Training recommendations for gaps between learners' current skills and your course profile, as well as customised self-paced LLN training supplements for learners.
  • Customisable Learner Information Gathering: Customise the form that is shown to learners before each test. Then search your learner database via these custom fields whenever you need.
  • Full User Management: Invite new users, reset passwords or revoke access of current user accounts.
  • System Analytics: Up-to-date data on how your LLN Robot System is being used.
  • Secure Database and Individually Branded Deployment: All data is securely hosted and all emails and reports are branded to your organisation.