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THIS WEEK IN VET - 08/09/2017

Catch up on what's been happening in VET this week From TLRG New article from our GM David Cunning: What Does ACSF Level 3 Look Like? Check it out here:   We're a week into our September Sale! Grab a bargain - 25% Off all Learning & Assessment Resources Info...

08 September 2017 by Sales Team

Assessment Barriers in LLN Testing

Before you can take the right course of action to support a learner who is having language, literacy or numeracy difficulties, you need to work out exactly what the root of the problem is. Often we make judgements based on what we think is happening without taking the time to...

07 September 2017 by David Cunning

What Does ACSF Level 3 Look Like?

  If you’ve been paying attention to the VET FEE-HELP and VET Student Loans saga over the last few years you may have come across the phrase ‘exit level 3’. This is referring to a person demonstrating that they have reading and numeracy skills that meet all of the level...

01 September 2017 by David Cunning

This Week in VET - 25/08/2017

Catch up on what's been happening in VET this week From TLRG Not sure what the difference is between the AQF and the ACSF? Our Managing Director Matt Peachey has got you covered.   New article from our General Manager Dave Cunning: Foundation Skills Explained First in series linked...

25 August 2017 by Sales Team

Foundation Skills Explained

Foundation Skills is a term that is becoming more and more prevalent in the VET sector. Unfortunately there is some confusion about how these fit into the world of vocational education and training. Hopefully this article will shed some light on the subject for those of you who aren’t exactly...

24 August 2017 by David Cunning

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