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A Complete LLN Solution for your RTO

The LLN System that works for you.

Do you need to:

  • Assess your learners' LLN levels?
  • Analyse the ACSF levels of your courses?
  • Compare learner results with the ACSF levels of your courses?
  • Generate individualised LLN Training Supplements for your learners?

Discover more with a free 3 week trial.

What can the LLN Robot System do?

The LLN Robot System is more than just a test. Each system comes with:

  • Non-biased online assessment.
  • Multi-level testing.
  • Option to invite individuals or groups of learners to take the test.
  • Learner results database.
  • Learner answer report.
  • Get the ACSF profile for any current national unit of competency.
  • Get profiles for the courses that you actually deliver.
  • Analyse the skills gap for your learners.
  • Customisable forms.
  • Easy user account management.
  • System analytics.
  • Help at your fingertips.